Our story

Mia is the sole creator and owner of Three Violet Buttons, a small business that, over the years, has specialised in hand-dyed yarn, clothing, and accessories. While pregnant with her third child, Mia started crocheting as a hobby and then, after building up quite the collection of items, started selling her creations, at that time mainly booties and blankets. She started thinking about starting a business and when it came to a business name, wanted something with personal meaning, so Three Violet Buttons was established in June 2013: "Three" to reference her three children, "Violet" after her youngest daughter and "Buttons" after the memory of the huge tub of her grandmothers buttons that she loved as a child. As time went on, she learnt to hand-dye yarn as well as expand her product line to include clothing and accessories. Mia is allergic to wool and follows a plant based diet, so in 2017 decided to specialise in dying cotton and other plant-based yarn. Today, the business has evolved to focus primarily on yarn dyeing, with occasional art work thrown in.